Teens aged 15+ years are welcome to join Presbytery Youth Council at regular Presbytery meetings and other Youth Council gatherings throughout the year.


Youth Council is the group of teens who create community together. They become involved in wider church decision making, and plan and facilitate the annual Youth Retreat – Naarai Kir.


Generally, Youth Council meets in late September, early December, January and April. They also gather at the Fall (October) and Spring (February) Presbytery meetings. Naarai Kir takes place in March with a planning sleepover sometime in February. Locations vary throughout the year.


Youth Council provides an opportunity to connect with Youth from many different congregations. Together, they become involved in the wider church and develop effective leadership skills. Youth Council is responsible for and the reason why Naarai Kir has been such a successful event.

 Presbytery Involvement

  • All Youth Council members are encouraged to attend full Presbytery court proceedings each fall and spring (including Friday night through Sunday) along with all other delegates.
  • All Youth Council members stay overnight as a group at the hosting church.
  • All Youth Council members are given corresponding privileges (i.e. may speak to motions etc.) and up to 8 youth will receive voting privileges (as determined by youth council at Presbytery).
  • Youth Council is included in all discussions, worship and social times connected with meetings.
  • Youth Council gathers during Saturday morning Division time to do their own work preparing for presentations to the court and planning the Naarai Kir Youth Retreat which happens each March.
  • Youth Council members are also welcome to be involved in other Presbytery committees along with adult delegates.
  • Youth Council gathers during the evenings and mealtimes to build community and to pre/de brief court business as might be necessary. (e.g. budget concerns, environmental, mission and congregational issues, ministry with youth in and beyond the Presbytery).

Registration for Youth Council

Please contact Youth Minister (K/OK Pres. Youth Minister) with the name, phone number and  Email address of Youth. Joanne Koster will contact all interested youth directly regarding upcoming meetings.

Presbytery Registration Forms

  • These will be available about one month before each Presbytery meeting.
  • They can be picked up at any United Church in the Presbytery or on this website.
  • Speak to a minister in your area if you know of a youth who might like to attend.
  • Download the YG PERMISSION fall presbytery2013
  • Presbytery Registration Fees

Registration fees must be included with registration. Most congregations cover the fees for youth who represent them. Youth who feel they are unconnected to a congregation are welcome to pay their own fees and attend on an independent basis.


  • Transportation costs are reimbursed for youth travel to Presbytery meetings.
  • Delegates are encouraged to offer space for youth to travel with them.


Youth usually stay overnight at the hosting church with sleeping bags and foamies brought from home.


  • Breakfast is provided by hosting congregation and Youth Council will join adult delegates for all other meals.
  • Please note on registration form if you will arrive in time for supper Friday, and if you want a bag lunch for travel Sunday.
  • Please also note and food allergies or dietary restrictions.


Bring to Youth Council meetings…

  • sleeping bag, pillow and foamy
  • change of clothes and personal effect
  • medical # and emergency contact #
  • swim suit and towel (used at some gatherings if pool/shower access available)

SSAD Rules…

All youth and youth leaders will be expected to adhere to the SSAD rules.

  •                            S ilent sleep time
  • and NO…          S ex
  •                           A lcohol or
  •                           D rugs.