The Property and Manse Working Unit is both a resource to congregations and also the body to connect with for property matters that require Presbytery approval.

The chair of this Working Unit is temporarily vacant, but is in the interim being handled by the Administration Coordinator, who can be reached via e-mail .

As a general rule, major purchases, sale, mortgages and repairs require Presbytery approval. Matters valued under $50,000 generally do not require that approval. Final decisions are made by the Presbytery, but often this is done in an Executive meeting for matters not requiring the input of the full Court. See the Policy on Major Assets and Major Renovations for more details.

Congregations are encouraged to contact the Working Unit early in the process, so Presbytery can be supportive and to minimize delays in the final decision making process. In particular, purchases and sales of United Church property have regulations that make them quite different than normal property transactions, because of the legislation that formed The United Church of Canada.