Grants Closed for Presbytery

In the preparation for the closing of Presbytery on Dec. 30, 2018, all grant functions have been closed off. Watch for the Pacific Mountain Region to announce granting services.

The following is for historical interest.

Grant Approvals

Often a congregation, pastoral charge or body of presbytery will need “approval” or “concurrence” of Presbytery when applying for a grant. This policy of the KOP Leadership Team sets out the procedures to be followed.

  1. These procedures DO NOT apply to Home Mission Grants.
  2. In the case of all grant applications other than Home Mission, a completed application and all granting agency required supporting documents should be sent (preferably electronically) to the Administration Coordinator, with a copy to the Presbytery Secretary, for consideration;
  3. The Admin. Coordinator shall convene a meeting in the first week of each month for consideration of any completed applications received by then.
  4. The grants meeting shall include at least two of the following persons: Admin. Coordinator; Treasurer; Secretary; chair of Presbytery Management team. The Conference Minister may attend these meetings in a non-voting capacity. These meetings may be in person, by telephone or via Skype as determined by the Admin. Coordinator.
  5. If the meeting to consider a grant is of a controversial nature, or any perceived conflict of interest exists, or is contrary to the mission and vision of KOP, then the decision on that application will be deferred to the next meeting of Presbytery Management for decision.
  6. Any decisions on applications shall be considered a decision of KOP, and the Admin. Coordinator will promptly communicate the Presbytery decision to the granting agency and the applicant.
  7. These procedures do not change granting agency deadlines or requirements.

Granting Resources

Our Conference Minister is a good source of information on grants that are available and how to apply for them. Here are some online resources:

  • BC Conference has a good listing of grant resources, which include Van Dusen Fund, Imagine Fund, ProVision Funds and others;
  • United Church Foundation lists grants;
  • The United Church of Canada has Technology Support grants and Learning in Community grants.

Mission Support Grants

Each Fall applications are received by the Home Missions Convener. See Mission Support Grants 2017 for details and forms.